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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which enable systems to learn, adapt, and make decisions with never-before-seen efficiency, are examples of cutting edge technology. AI focuses on building intelligent computers that mimic human cognitive functions, while machine learning (ML) uses data-driven learning to enable systems to continuously improve their performance. These technologies are revolutionizing entire industries by automating tasks, producing insights from massive databases, and optimizing decision-making processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are laying the groundwork for a future in which robots actively collaborate with humans, bringing in a new era of creativity and transformative possibilities. Applications range from natural language processing and predictive analytics to driverless cars and personalized recommendations.

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The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a group of technologies that include Machine Learning (ML), which makes use of algorithms to enable learning from data in order to continuously improve performance. Specific functions of artificial intelligence (AI) include speech recognition to improve human-machine interaction, computer vision to interpret visual data, natural language processing (NLP) to understand language in a human-like manner, and expert systems that use rule-based mechanisms to solve complex problems. In the meantime, machine learning (ML) uses deep learning with neural networks for complex data processing, reinforcement learning for interaction-based learning, supervised learning for predictions, unsupervised learning for pattern recognition, and feature engineering to improve model performance by choosing and modifying pertinent data features.

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