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More than technology partner invested in your success

Renowned pioneers in the IT consulting sector, Hectangle is well-known for offering a wide range of technological services and solutions. Our expertise lies in guiding customers through intricate IT problems by providing state-of-the-art solutions that enhance corporate tactics, systems, and procedures. Our extensive experience in digital transformation, cloud services, cybersecurity, and data analytics allows us to match technology to company objectives and promote efficiency and growth. Known for its extensive industry experience and global reach, We provide customized, cutting-edge solutions that meet the particular requirements of companies, enabling them to stay competitive in the quickly changing digital market. Our all-inclusive services include everything from strategy and planning to implementation and support, which makes us reliable partners for businesses looking to successfully use technology.


Your foundation for transformation and progress

Focusing on market trends and competitive analysis, building core skills in fields like cybersecurity and digital transformation, and upholding a client-centric strategy with customized solutions are all part of Hectangle. The use of cutting-edge technology for data-driven decision-making, luring in top people, and forming strategic alliances are prioritized. Key elements include sustainability, ethical business practices, long-term client relationships, and operational effectiveness. Strong branding, digital transformation, risk management, and striking a balance between global plans and local market demands are among our top priorities. Targeted growth is achieved through geographic expansion and scalable solutions.

Core Values

More than technology-a partner invested in your success

Our values – Transparency, Accuracy, Innovation, and Client-Centricity – are fundamental in guiding the operations, culture, and strategic direction of leading IT consulting firms. They help in building trust, delivering high-quality solutions, fostering continuous improvement, and ensuring client satisfaction. 


Open Communication: We prioritize clear and honest communication with clients about project statuses, challenges, and outcomes.

A commitment to ethical standards in all business dealings, ensuring integrity and trustworthiness.


Delivering solutions that are meticulously tailored to client needs, ensuring precision in implementation and results.

Utilizing accurate, data-driven insights to inform strategies and decisions, thereby enhancing the reliability of our services.


Continuously exploring and integrating the latest Cutting-Edge Technology to provide innovative solutions.

Encouraging a culture of creativity and forward-thinking to tackle complex challenges in unique ways.


Focusing on understanding and meeting the specific needs and goals of each client.

Building lasting relationships with clients, characterized by mutual respect and a deep understanding of our business.

Our Team

Badiul Alam CEO/Founder
Max Waldon Global Lead Enterprise and Technologies
Abrar Rice Sr. Product Development Director
Irene Bashar Global Strategy
Theal Jenkins Chief AI
Samantha Leopard Chief Financial Officer

Our team specializes in working with leading industry products and services:

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